👋Hi, I'm Wesley!

I’m an accountant by day and a writer for this blog by night... Well, some nights. Other nights I'm lost in new Netflix series. I'm also the founder of GoStrive which is an online shop dedicated to improving your productivity. It's mission is to help people like you optimize for greater productivity and achieve ambitious goals effectively, if that interests you at all, check it out. It's got loads of actionable content, resources and tools!

This site is a place I write about everything that interests me, some of which will overlap with GoStrive but most does not. You can expect to find everything from self-education, philosophy, health and even economics or finance... I am an accountant after all. I’ll also share things I consume and love from books to music.

In short, this website is a medium of the information I’ve learned and continue to learn; about life.

Each week I condense and share insights, writing, and interesting resources through my newsletter The Strive Journal. If you are a curious person and want a blend of fascinating content delivered to your inbox, consider signing up. I do my best to make sure it’s the best email you receive every week!

Wesley Mcdonald

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