10 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

The future is likely filled with augmented workers that employ AI to 10x their outputs. Here are 10 tools that will help you become a part of that future!

3 Incredibly Potent Gratitude Practices to Refocus Your Day

A typical torment most people must endure is a sense of wasted time. It’s not a feeling of regret for experiences that happened, but rather a feeling that you paid attention to the wrong things. The things that don’t matter. A great Gratitude practice eliminates the unimportant and highlights the essentials; this article contains 3 exercises that will change the way you look at your life... for the better.

Augmented Immersive Reading: How to Read 40+ Books This Year With a 15-Minute Reading Habit

This innovative process will teach you to read 4x faster than your current speed while maintaining retention. It's not a hack; it's the future of reading.

5 Critical Elements That Generate Meaningful Progress

A model to discover where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

3 Reasons To Be Bullish On Solana in 2022

Solana experienced big pumps in 2021 but does it have the traction to repeat the performance in 2022? Here are 3 reasons why it is positioned to soar in 2022.

How Stablecoins Work: Everything You Need to Know in One Article

Stabelcoins provide tremendous liquidity to the crypto market and are vital to the ecosystem's health. The technology will upheave the entire legacy financial infrastructure, and it opens the door to new paths of generating high-interest yields. The danger is that the concept is in its infancy and has a lot of growing to do. The question is, are they here to stay?

Annual Reflections – 2021/2022

On my journey to keep a public journal about annual goals and reflections, this article highlights my year in review.

The Safest Method to 10% Annual Interest Right Now

The strategy in this article presents a secure and easy way to earn 10.02% on your savings account instead of the traditional banks' dismal 2% or less. It's a reliable and low-risk step into the crypto space and, hopefully, will have you learning more about this exciting new world. I wish you high earnings and great wealth!

5 Reasons Why It's Irresponsible Not To Own Bitcoin

5 reasons why Bitcoin should be a part of your long-term investment strategy.

Dual Thinking: Building Rock Solid Opinions

What if you couldn't hold a public opinion without the ability to explain each opposing side of a subject thoroughly? There'd be fewer opinions and lots more respect for each other's viewpoints. This would be the world if dual thinking was downloaded and applied by everyone.

Where Focus Fails: Local Inertia Wells

Imagine being so focused on one goal that your results suffer. Believe it or not, this is common, and it's a mental model named the local inertia well. It's the idea that by focusing too much on one result, you miss out on a broader perspective that could bear much bigger fruit. 

Analogical Reasoning: How to Boost Your Thinking with Experiences

Analogical reasoning has been a vital exercise and mental model for humanity since we started thinking. It's used continuously in a wide range of industries and your day-to-day personal life. It's an incredible tool to learn and innovate, but it has its weaknesses, and you can only protect against them use the tool effectively if you're aware of when and how you're utilizing it.

First Principles Method of Thinking: How It Disrupts Entire Industries & Will Improve Your Life

This mental model is a great tool to direct your attention to new approaches to life's obstacles and problems. It's powerful enough to upheave entire industries but relevant enough to help you right now.

The Inversion Principle

If you remember Algebra from high school, then you are very familiar with this concept. It's the practice of flipping a question a complete 180° to simplify the solution. It's most helpful in big questions with unclear answers. I heard this principle from Charlie Munger, who initially used it to find the best strategies for US Airforce assaults in World War 2 and then applied it thoroughly in his successful investment career alongside Warren Buffet.

The Contrast Principle

The contrast principle plays a heavy role in your life; whether you give it credit or not—it's a mental model that is vital to understand.

2 Lessons on Productivity: Protecting The Golden Goose

It's in our nature to focus on outcomes. The paradox of this intuition is that investing in production will effectively give us better results, it's just not as exciting.

Five Rules For Effective Decision-Making

It's difficult to have consistent success without a high-level decision-making skill set. Lucky for you, this article contains the five crucial rules for making great decisions. 

Five Powerful Advantages to Creating Your Own Life Vision

In a life full of boundless opportunities, abundance becomes the obstacle to quality. It's too easy to spend much of life in shallow experiences, distracted by simple pleasures. A vision provides an antidote to abundance. Here are five valuable advantages to writing your own vision.

A Desire For Structure: Thoughts From The Queens Gambit

A lesson I took from The Queens Gambit.

The Anatomy of Flow States

Flow is described by one researcher as a peak experience of human consciousness. This article shows you how essential it is to a fulfilling life and the characteristics of obtaining it consistently.

Want Better Memory? Don't Just Learn Facts, Learn Context

Here's what's wrong with your memory retention and why the technique you use is bad.

The Key to Failing Productively & Succeeding Rapidly

To be a successful person in any area of life, you have to be willing to fail with enthusiasm, repeatedly and productively. The following two exercises will help you do just that.

The Formula Behind Procrastination & Six Ways to Optimize It

The solution to procrastination can be summarized in two words: Reduce friction. Mental friction is when the cost of engaging with a task seems, to our mind, higher than the cost of avoiding it at that moment. Here are practical 6 practical ways to reduce mental friction.

How to Begin Every New Habit with Ease: The Two Minute Rules

Procrastination is a battle between avoidance and productive action. It's been well researched for decades now, but until recently, there wasn't a straightforward strategy to overcome it consistently. Now that's changed and today we'll cover the most practical strategy and, quite literally, the quickest. 

The Power of Micro Habits: One Strategy to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination exists as a nemesis to everyone, from the super successful to the couch potato. The difference is the successful have effective strategies for pulverizing their procrastination. Here's one of three strategies that will give you the power to end procrastination in your life and work.

How to Beat Procrastination at the Source

Procrastination is not laziness but a result of a deeply rooted problem to overcome. Once awareness spotlights the problem, you can classify and create an effective strategy to overcome it.

5 Ways to Maximize Daily Productivity

You know those days when you rest your head on your pillow at the end of the night and feel completely fulfilled by the activities that day—sleeping well, proud of the day's accomplishments. I'm writing this article to help you have more of those days. 

Stop Confusing Hate with Difficult & Easy With Likable

Confusing difficult with hate, or easy with likable has consequences you should avoid.

An Introduction to Confidence & How to Improve It

Confidence is a fascinating and complicated skillset. The value one gains in improving confidence is unmeasurable; from achieving goals, to love life, and social hierarchies. The skill is worth its weight in gold.

How to Change Habits Deliberately & Manage Willpower

Every interaction between ourselves and the external world can be categorized under two states. Deliberate and reflexive. It pays to understand them and what they mean to our willpower.

Clearing Up Mental Space For What Matters: The Mindsweep Exercise

De-Clutter the busy mind and make room for clear thinking and creativity with this short exercise.

A Simple Daily Practice to Boost Creativity

Creativity is a skill, not some genetic characteristic you're blessed with from birth. Even more, it's a powerful one in problem-solving. Here's a simple and fun daily practice to cultivate your Creativity.

The Four Levels of Comprehension & How You Can Cultivate Deeper Knowledge

Discover the 4 levels of understanding and how you can cultivate a deeper knowledge base of your own.

What Lies at the Root of Your Problems? The Seven Whys Exercise

Each time you question why? You gain deeper insights into the cause of the problem at hand however most of the time, we only reach 1 - 2 levels of digging before we discover an answer that will suffice. This exercise will cultivate an ability to go deeper and learn the underlying force at work.

My Favorite Books of 2020

I absolutely love books. They are the keys to living an enriched life. This is a list of my favorites in 2020.

My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts of 2020

*Drumroll* Let's get to it! Here are my favorite podcasts of 2020.

Annual Reflections – 2020/2021

Looking back on the year that was and preparing to capitalize on the year to come. Complete your own alongside this review and let's keep each other accountable!

My Favorite Writing, Poetry & Excerpts

A collection of excerpts, letters, poems and other writings that have impacted me throughout the years of internet browsing and book mining.

The Not So Common Way To Make Good Habits Stick

A new habit has 3 layers to it, like an onion.

What Is The Secret To Success? A Short Story

Don’t be pushed into a box of success defined by others. Instead, discover what you are meant to do and pursue that wholeheartedly.

7 Investment Principles That Apply To Daily Life

I’ve read a handful of investment books over the years and always appreciated how well the principles relate to everyday life. Apparently, the characteristics required to be a successful investor lend themselves fantastically to a successful life. Who would of guessed…

2 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Right Now

Read a poem that challenges the reader to examine his or her life.

Define What Stands in Your Way

Imagine yourself at your greatest potential, 5 years into the future. The best version of you possible and the pathway to that 'greatest self' will be determined by the decisions you make from now until then.

Antifragile – Why Is This A Term You Should Be Aware Of?

What gets better as it is attacked? Or gains as it's destroyed?

8 Enormous Benefits Of Cold Therapy & Why You Should Do It Daily

We’ve covered heat exposure previously and I’d be remised if I didn’t post on the benefits of cold exposure as well. After all, cold showers have had a larger impact for me personally.

10 Enormous Benefits of Sauna Use

Research shows, visiting the Sauna/Steam room regularly is more than just a tiny and relaxing spa session.