10 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

AI is rapidly transforming the landscape of many industries, and as we stand on the edge of a revolution, the fate of careers and financial livelihoods hinges on a single question: Who will thrive in this brave new world, and who will fall behind? Like many technologies before, the answer will be determined by who adopts the technology first and applies it most effectively. This article will show you the best tools to adopt this year. 

Although current AI is far passed a gimmick, it still has daunting limitations like accuracy, profitability, and legality, to name a few. This will slow its’ progress but not halt it. There is too much potential, too much money to be made, and hours to be saved. The AI forecasts that tech gurus and philosophers alike have warned us about for decades have arrived, and change is coming. Fast! Not to worry, though. Radical change brings about destruction, but it also sprouts opportunities. The courageous few who confront the threat will be rewarded. Those who learn how to effectively utilize AI can lead others into threatening new territory and become leaders in it. AI is not something to fear (until it has legs). It’s something to be excited about! It will supercharge the human capacity to create and leverage our output exponentially. Here are 10 tools that will elevate your productivity and push you to the forefront of this exciting technology.

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#10 Perplexity – ChatGPT but shorter and with clickable sources

One glaring problem of ChatGPT is it puts forth an answer but no sources. Sources are essential for checking the accuracy of statements and for researchers to dive deeply into the topics. This is where Perplexity shines. It’s my favorite alternative to ChatGPT. You’ll first notice that Perplexity spits answers out that are rarely more than a few sentences. It gets right to the point, and each point is sourced below your answer with clickable links.

#9 Snipd – Transcribes your favorite podcasts

I listen to podcasts daily and take lots of notes on the great ones. Snipd is an AI transcriber that writes out the audio of your favorite podcasts. It has excellent features, like creating a snippet of a great insight by simply tapping your earbud. It’s fantastic for those dense knowledge podcasts filled with noteworthy moments or when you’re listening while cleaning. 

#8 Youtube Summary With ChatGPT – Transcribes any Youtube video

Prefer to watch podcasts on Youtube? Or anything for that matter. As the name suggests, Youtube Summary transcribes and summarizes the spoken words in Youtube videos. It’s the first of 2 browser extensions on this list, so it seamlessly connects to your workflow. It’s great for note-taking and helps you quickly navigate specific video sections.

#7 Otter AI – Transcribes Zoom calls

Wish you had a note-taker for those lengthy zoom meetings with clients or the team? Take a look at Otter AI. It uses AI to create meeting minutes, live captions, or transcripts of your live Zoom calls so you can remain present.

#6 Copy AI – Creates marketing copy

There is plenty of AI writing software these days, even ChatGPT can write essays in seconds, and arguably better marketing ones, like Jasper AI. But, Copy AI has a free plan and Jasper AI starts at $49 monthly, so I’m including Copy AI on the list for your copywriting needs. It is robust and will help even the intermediate copywriter. If you need some hooks, but advertising isn’t your primary gig, it’s a helpful assistant.

#5 WordTune – A thesaurus for sentences

I know… Another writing software, but this one is unique. Simply plug in a sentence, and it serves up 5 – 10 variations for you to choose from. It’s a thesaurus for sentence structure. It’ll help you brainstorm the best way to structure your sentences and reveal any grammatical errors.

#4 ReaderGPT – Summarizes any webpage with a single prompt

Ever read an article online only to realize at the end it was full of fluff? Never again! Download the second browser extension on this list, and any blog can be converted into a summary in seconds. It’s triggered by a prompt which is an advantage because you can ask for the information exactly how you want to receive it.

It even allows you to summarize articles in an entirely different language which is awesome.

#3 Verse by Verse – Add spice to your writing

Verse by verse is an AI poetry writer, and it’s wonderous. It might not seem productive, but it is; use it to spice up your delivery or practice with it to improve your writing style. The app asks you to choose a few poets to inspire the verses and then serves lines of poetry based on your prompts.

#2 Futurepedia – The AI software marketplace

Curious where I found all these AI tools? Not in another software but a directory of all the new AI apps. It boasts nearly 700 apps on its directory so far, but many are added every day, and as the space grows, this will be the spot to find the earliest betas and best tools on the market.

#1 Learn Prompting – Learn an essential skill for the future

The faster AI grows, the more valuable you will be if you maximize its potential. If you’ve used prompting to guide AI writing or images, you’ve likely noticed a vast range of quality in outcomes. The quality is based on your prompting ability. The instrument is only as good as you can play it. If your asking it questions like you would an omnipotent being, it will trip on its face. It’s not omnipotent yet and requires a skillset to use effectively. Learn Prompting is a free educational website and community that teaches people how to prompt correctly. If AI continues to grow in popularity without the underlying mechanics changing, prompting will be a precious skill.

Final Thoughts

As we stand on the cusp of revolutionary technology, you must decide if you will jump on the train early or let it pass. If you choose to avoid it, the decision might be made for you when you are too far behind to catch up. The future is likely filled with augmented workers that employ AI to 10x their outputs. AI is still early in its inception, but ChatGPT has proven it can work, and users have flocked to it by the billions. Next, money will flow toward the technology faster than ever, and demand will grow alongside that money(Edit: Look no further than Microsofts $10 billion into OpenAI). AI’s many hiccups will be solved before you know it. Introduce yourself to the technology now, use it for fun, and learn about it so you’ll be ready to take advantage when it invades the job space!

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