Author: Mathew McConaughey

Personal Score: 8.7/10

Goodreads Score: 4.35/5

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McConaughey is a fantastic story teller and this book is continuous proof of that. Every single story he tells has you pining for more while your smiling, laughing or in disbelief. His writing, at times, seems ridiculous, but you'll love it! It's true Southern story telling from one of the great outlaw artists of our time and even when you're asking yourself - what the hell did he just say? You'll be loving the man telling it.

I listened to this book in Audio and would recommend it to anyone thinking about grabbing it. It's awesome hearing McConaughey voice each and every character as he remembers them. I purchased the book after the fact and would also recommend it for different reasons, it's awesome seeing the pictures, bumper stickers, and the overall style. Do whichever feels right!


Personally, I had a strong connections with this book and the philosophy Mathew chooses to live his life by. I plan to revisit it often until it becomes a part of my own philosophy, here are some of the lessons I hope to embody myself:

Read some of the Top Quotes for more lessons.

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