On Confidence

Author: Alain De Botton

Personal Score: 7.2/10

Goodreads Score: 4.1/5

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It's an interesting introduction into the philosophical nature of confidence and has many good insights but it lacks in-depth and actionable content. The author also doesn't tie any strong connection between confidence and self-worth and I believe this to be a foundational pillar of confidence that should be clear and present.

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Idiocy & Confidence

Imposter Syndrome

Trust in the System

History is Now




Unknowing parental figures shower us with love upon external conditions (Like a teacher's positive remark, or a gold medal in a sports competition) or punish us for the same (A teacher's poor remarks) which makes us respect the opinions of others too much. It's doubled by us watching the remarks of our parents towards others opinions, like reading a critics' review of a movie and holding a bad opinion about the movie or hearing negative gossip from another parent and then repeating it as opinion. Over time this behavior, implants in us a heavy weight of concern and respect for the approval and opinions of others.

The contrast is parents who criticize the external and instill in the child a confidence that "what people say and how you act, is not who you are." You are first and foremost our child and we will love you no matter what. This embeds a lasting impression that the external does not matter and does not change you. A better approach but how could the parents of known? What is past, is past.


Confidence in Confidence

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